Business Network Chicago

General Group Information

BNC offers a variety of face-to-face and online networking groups.

Face-to-Face Groups

BNC hosts the following face-to-face groups: After Hours, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, HR, International, IT, Sales & Marketing, Senior Executive Sales, and Venture Capital.  To register for a BNC event, click on the link of your choice under Upcoming Events on the homepage or on the event calendar.

Online Groups

BNC sponsors the following online groups:

BNC_Chicago (Yahoo!) - To receive invitations to all BNC events and other relevant news
BNC_Jobseeker (Yahoo!) - Support and help for members in transition
BNC LinkedIn Group - To participate in discussions with BNC members
LinkedIn subgroups - Entrepreneurship, Event Board, Healthcare, HR, IT, Senior Executive Sales Roundtable, Social Media, and Venture Capital
Facebook Fan Page
Meetup Group

You must join the LinkedIn Group before you can become a member of the LinkedIn subgroups.