Business Network Chicago

Senior Executives Sales Roundtable


Domestic and International SVP, EVP, VP, or directors of sales, Chief Sales Officers, EVP, SVP, VP or Directors of channel sales, and EVP, SVP, VP, or directors of business development.  You must be currently employed and not in transition.  You must have a management responsibility not just an individual contributor's role.

Purpose of this group:

A roundtable exclusively for employed sales senior executives (see above) to network, to share and learn sales best practices, and to empower each other and our respective teams to be the best they can be.  We will meet five times a year: January, March, May, September, November at a yet-to-be announced location.

Format of our meetings:
  • Networking, registration, breakfast and quick introductions
  • Panel presentation on chosen topic "du jour"
  • Best practices sharing session
  • Networking and close of session
Etiquette & Rules of Engagement:

By invitation only and must be pre-approved to attend the roundtable by one of the co-founders.  You must have pre-registered and no drop-in will be accepted.

Our main goal is to provide an exchange forum for our members to share information and materials to help them succeed in their careers in sales management.  Our roundtables are the most common venue and require that these events, as well as other activities associated with BNC, are always positive experiences to all its members.  We have established a few simple guidelines that we expect everyone to follow.

As a roundtable forum, attendees are to participate and provide valuable and relevant information related to the topics of the event.  In addition, this is a group of experienced professionals so it is encouraged to provide your opinions and expertise to help your fellow group members.  When stated or asked, confidentiality of information is to be respected and adhered to by all.

Solicitation and Advertisement:
The purpose of any BNC LinkedIn group is to facilitate discussion of relevant topics and the sharing of ideas, expertise and other valuable information.  There is to be no spamming, nor phishing, nor any type of unauthorized electronic activities to the BNC Senior Executive Sales Roundtable Group.  There will be no unauthorized advertisements, solicitations, or posting of promotions at any of our events.  You are expected to only talk about your products or services to the members of the group when appropriate and welcomed.  If there are meeting sponsors, then attendees and speakers should refrain from performing any marketing activities that negatively impact the event sponsor's interests due to their investment of time and money in exchange for the marketing opportunity that our events present to them.

Each individual is responsible for his or her actions.  Neither the leaders of this group nor venue speakers shall be liable for an individual's actions.  The officers of this group reserve the right to prohibit or suspend any of its members due to membership guidelines of unprofessional behavior.

About the Group Leaders

The BNC Senior Executives Sales Roundtable is currently seeking to recruit a new leader.