We continue to be impressed with the progress Innovative Billboards continues to enjoy.  You will too once you read through the “Innovative Billboards Traction Report June 2022”.

Innovative Billboards has $600K pledged by investors once Innovative Billboards produces a full-size prototype.  This is all that is required to get to market.

Innovative Billboards invites accredited investors to participate in this $350K Raise; accepting capital up until prototype delivery date, targeted for June 30

BNC Attendees Invest

After Innovative Billboards presented last year, three different BNC attendees invested. In addition members of the BNC leadership team also invested. The CEO, Paul Angott and 44 angels have invested so far and this startup has 10 investors from the Billboard Industry, certainly a positive testimonial.

ROUND 3B Open to BNC 

There is one last opportunity for members of the BNC community to invest. Innovative Billboards has $600K pledged by investors, ready to invest as soon as the Full Size Prototype is built. The Prototype is expected to be completed sometime during this month, June 2022.

Up until the Prototype is complete, Innovative Billboards offers Accredited Investors the opportunity to invest & be part of the Current $350K raise. 

You can learn more details by downloading the attached IB TRACTION REPORT.

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Ron Shulkin

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